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What is Walk and Talk Counselling?

This form of counselling is very different from the traditional setting of within 4 walls and is becoming ever more popular. Most often, sessions take place during the course of a good walk but they can take place whilst seated outdoors too. Outdoor therapy is not just for those who live within the rural countryside, it can take place making use of local parks and riverside areas.

It prompts the question - is it better than the traditional face to face setting? While some people find the traditional therapy setting a little constricting initially, it helps to keep the focus on the conversation between counsellor and client. A counselling room provides a closed private and confidential space for discussion and it is static in it's background. This background soon becomes ignored but serves it's purpose by containing the work within those four walls.

Counselling outdoors is perhaps more laid back and less intimidating - walking side by side rather than sat immediately opposite. Privacy and confidentiality is maintained but the backdrop is ever changing. These changes can evoke thoughts/feelings and trigger memories that can be incorporated into the work. The lack of the ‘neutral backdrop’ - so essential to indoor counselling can lead instead to un-lookedfor discoveries. Not to mention some healthy, beneficial exercise!

Benefits of Walk and Talk Counselling

  • Improves Mood – Walking naturally lifts your mood – it releases feel-good endorphins and reduces the stress hormone, Cortisol, which can lower anxiety and make it easier to see a positive future.
  • Easier to Talk – Walking side by side outdoors feels more relaxed for many, so is far less intimidating than a traditional face-to-face counselling setting sitting opposite the counsellor.
  • Increased creativity – Studies have shown that walking improves creativity, which makes it easier to look past current situations and work out ways of moving forward.
  • Change may occur quicker – With a relaxed environment, feel good endorphins and heightened creativity, change often happens quicker than in a traditional setting.
  • Improved Sleep – Exercise boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones and with the additional benefit of exercising the brain, the quality of sleep and time taken to fall asleep can be improved.

  • Arranging Walk and Talk Counselling

    There will be an initial consultation (either on the phone or online) which allows us to discuss what you’d like from the sessions and to ensure I am the best placed person to help you. During the consultation we will discuss any specific individual requirements (accessibility) that may need to be accommodated which will help to determine which routes are most appropriate.

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