Clearview Counselling Professional Counselling in Gravesend, Kent

Types of Online Counselling

Instant Messaging Counselling
Instant messaging counselling is carried out at a pre-arranged time using an instant messenger application. I suggest we use VSee which you would need to install on your PC prior to sessions commencing. (Skype is less secure for text based online counselling due to the way Microsoft stores data un-encrypted for a short period). VSee is secure and allows you to receive an instant real time response. Instant feedback obtained from online messaging counselling can be comforting for those who wish to interact and respond immediately. At our agreed time we will both log on so that we exchange instant messages for the length of the session. You can download VSee for free by clicking here

Video Counselling
For video counselling, again I suggest we VSee. In order to access this form of online counselling, your computer must have a webcam and microphone so we will both be able to see and hear each other. Together we will plan a suitable time for us to meet. Before your first session you may want to ensure you are alone and won't be disturbed. It is also a good idea to make yourself comfortable and check you have good internet connection before you start. Click here to download VSee which you would need to install on your PC prior to sessions commencing. As with instant messaging counselling, we will meet at a pre agreed time.

Email Counselling
We will agree in advance a day and time by which I will respond to your email(s), typically the same every week. I will spend the length of a counselling session, 50 minutes, reading and responding to you. I suggest you spend a similar amount of time composing your email as this helps to foster a commitment to the counselling process. As counselling deals with sensitive information I suggest we use the secure email platform Protonmail which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

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