Clearview Counselling Professional Trauma Counselling in Sittingbourne, Kent

I specialise in helping adults heal, recover and reclaim life after trauma; releasing them from feeling hostage to what happened and finding balance and contentment without having to rely on medication .

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Imagine a world in which you understand how trauma impacts the brain and body and know what is happening for you is normal.....

Imagine a world where you feel in control of your trauma responses rather than fearing them, a world in which you have learned to
respond rather than react from a place of fear.....

Imagine a world in which you feel you are living rather than existing.....

Well, the good news is that world is entirely possible and within your reach. With my specific training and experience you can rest assured you are working with someone who has an in depth understanding of the issues and complexities that trauma brings and can support you on your path to healing and reclaiming life after trauma.

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What brings you here?

  • Have you been affected by domestic abuse, childhood abuse, bullying etc?
  • Did you see/hear something distressing or are you the direct victim?
  • Is your trauma the result of a single event or ongoing circumstances?
  • Is your experience one others deem insignificant however the impact on you is anything but?

    Whatever your experience and whether your trauma is reported or not, recent or historical, you've come to the right place!

  • Help is Here!

    Face to Face Counselling
    Clearview Counselling is conveniently located just outside Sittingbourne, Kent and only a short drive from the County town of Maidstone, in a private residential setting. The countryside setting with far reaching views offers peace and tranquillity; the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life. Car parking is free and readily available immediately outside. Click here to see the map.

    Online Counselling
    I offer sessions via video call, instant messenger live chat, email exchanges or via a blended approach - whatever is most appropriate for you. Click here to find out more.

    The Rewind Technique
    A quick and highly effective technique to stop the re experiencing of traumatic events. Click here to find out more.

    Why Choose Clearview Counselling?

    With my specific training and experience you can rest assured you are working with a Counsellor who has an in depth understanding of the specific issues and complexities that trauma brings.

    I am accustomed to hearing and working with extremely distressing situations. You can feel confident I can 'hold’ whatever you say without having to worry that it’s too awful or that you have to be protective of me leaving you free to talk about whatever you need to.

    Working online as well as ‘in person’ makes it easy for you to attend sessions without worrying about time or the added expense of travelling. This means you can continue with your daily life with the minimum of disruption to family life and working life.

    Having trained specifically to work online, you can be confident you are engaging with someone who understands the additional considerations that need to be considered when working virtually (considerations often not realised by those who have simply ‘switched to Zoom’) giving you the assurance your Counsellor is aware of potential pitfalls and is always working to safe and ethical online standards.

    Working with Clearview Counselling means you won’t have to wait months for an NHS or a charitable counsellor to become available so you can start to feel better quicker.

    Being an independent practitioner gives you the assurance that any time you make contact it is with myself only thereby allaying any anxiety about speaking with strangers.

    Testimonials from previous clients demonstrate that recovery is possible so you can relax in the knowledge that clients in a similar position to you have been able to reclaim life after trauma and are feeling much better, meaning you can too.

    Being a registered member of the BACP and ACTO confirms my training, qualifications, and adherence to their Ethical Frameworks. This along with being registered with the Information Commissioners Office, being DBS checked and holding the appropriate professional insurance means you can be confident that I am meeting professional and ethical standards at all times.

    What Previous Clients are Saying.......

    "When I sought help from Carrie at Clearview Counselling I was struggling with OCD, overthinking, high levels of anxiety and bereavement but I decided to work with her as she came highly recommended. I’m so pleased I did because Carrie gave me to tools to move forward with my life and gave me the confidence that I wasn’t alone in these problems. My life is now starting to change; it will continue to be a journey but with these tools hopefully I can move on." - Nov 2021 (Online Counselling)

    "When I sought help from Carrie at Clearview Counselling I was suffering with anxiety, depression and low-self-esteem that was becoming unmanageable. I had concerns about trying therapy again, as I had tried it in the past without any success and I was left feeling like nothing would work. I decided to work with Carrie because from our first communication I felt like I was in safe hands. She was warm and empathetic and made me feel so safe and unjudged. She listened to my previous experience with therapy and did her best to ensure that history did not repeat itself and adapted our sessions to suit me. I’m so pleased I did because now I feel equipped with coping mechanisms to manage anxiety and depression and I found a new level of respect and love for myself. The work was not always easy, and re-visiting trauma was emotionally draining, but the results were so worth it!" - Aug 2021 (F2F & Online Counselling)

    "When I sought help from Carrie my mental health was not in a good place. I had reservations about seeking counselling because I am not a confident person and I don’t open up easily to people but I decided to work with Carrie because she came recommended and I needed to talk to somebody outside of my family and who knew the relevant problems and thought process associated with my condition. I’m so pleased I did because now I feel I am in a better place. I won’t ever be cured but I know now more how to manage my condition and would have no hesitation in having top up sessions if I feel myself sliding back into old ways. I have learnt techniques to help me lead a more normal life without that dread there." - June 2021 (Online Counselling)

    "Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far, I have had a lot of comments about my new found confidence and lack of tension (I didn’t know people could see it!)" - June 2021 (F2F Counselling)

    "Hi Carrie, thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed chatting with you. You really manage to just 'pick up' the real stuff. I feel really fortunate to have this relationship with you. Thank you" - May 2021 (Online Counselling)

    "I want to you for the work that you have done with me over the past few months. I now feel like a very different person, and, although I have suffered a great loss since our last chats, I feel that I have been able to deal with it better by using some of the techniques that you have shown me, in order to reduce my anxiety. I felt I had such a lovely rapport with you, and you made it very easy to discuss some quite difficult topics. Should I need any support again, I will be sure to come to you" - Feb 2021 (Online Counselling)

    Click here to read more client reviews

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