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I specialise in helping adults affected by trauma & PTSD to recover and to reclaim their lives. I help to free them of feeling hostage to their trauma and to find balance and contentment without having to rely on medication.


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Corona Virus – Clearview Counselling Gravesend, Continuing to Support You

Anxieties are heightened at present, but they will likely be worse if you have experienced a traumatic event that is linking to the current Covid 19 crisis.


  • Perhaps the feeling of isolation, of being cut off from social contact, reminds you of the neglect and loneliness you felt as a child.

  • Maybe the Corona virus makes your life feel threatened, much like you might have felt as a child with a violent and chaotic parent.

  • Perhaps facing economic uncertainty and the security of your job triggers your catastrophic fear from having grown up in poverty.

    All of the examples above, will switch on your Amygdala (the fear centre in our brain which activates the fight/flight/freeze response) warning you of danger.

    Your ghosts, those you know but who usually feel more in the background than the forefront, may now feel like they’re gripping you so right now it's vital that you recognise that what's happening globally may trigger your personal trauma/s. Pre pandemic you may have been able to mitigate certain triggers now, however, those effective coping mechanisms may now no longer be available or feel like enough to keep your ghosts at bay. The very real threat to our lives, the uncertainty of everything and the use of phrases such as distancing, isolation and lock down will likely evoke powerful emotional responses so now more than ever you need support.

    My physical front door may have to remain closed for the time being but my phone remains switched on and my in box firmly open!

  • Services

    Face to Face Counselling
    Clearview Counselling, Gravesend, Kent is located in a quiet and comfortable residential venue, situated just off the Gravesend Central junction of the A2 and only a short drive from Dartford. It is easily accessed by public transport being only a 15 minute walk from Gravesend train station (2 stops from Dartford) and with local bus routes stopping outside. Car parking is free and readily available immediately outside. Click here for a map. Please note that unfortunately I am unable to provide wheelchair access.

    Online Counselling
    With current Government guidelines advising we distance ourselves from others, online counselling means emotional support remains readily available. I hold a Diploma in Online Counselling and offer sessions via video call, instant messenger live chat, email exchanges or via a blended approach - whatever is most appropriate for you. Click here to find out more.

    Why Choose Clearview Counselling?

    With my specific training and experience you can rest assured you are working with a Counsellor who has an in depth understanding of the issues and complexities that trauma brings.

    I am accustomed to hearing and working with extremely distressing situations. You can feel confident I can 'hold' whatever you are telling me without having to worry that it’s too awful to say or that you have to be protective of me as you may feel with your family/friends.

    I practice from a private residence in an informal atmosphere and with no marketing materials on display. Feeling assured that nobody knows why you are entering the property will thereby give you more 'space' to be able to focus on your session.

    Being based locally and easily accessible to those in the Gravesend and Dartford area, makes it easier for you to attend sessions without worrying about time or the added expense of travelling further afield. This means you can continue with your daily life with the minimum of disruption to family life and working life.

    Working with Clearview Counselling you are not limited regards the number of sessions available. You can choose when to stop, or maybe take a break and then resume giving you the knowledge you are in control. You also get to choose your counsellor rather than having one allocated to you which means you won’t have the anxiety of working with someone you may not feel comfortable with.

    Working with Clearview Counselling means you won’t have to wait months for an NHS or a charitable counsellor to become available so you can start to feel better quicker.

    My not working in a multi practice gives you the assurance that any time you make contact it is with myself only thereby allaying any anxiety about speaking with strangers.

    Testimonials from previous clients gives you the chance to read others experiences of working with me so you can relax in the knowledge that clients in a similar position to yours have been completely satisfied and are feeling much better, meaning you can too.

    Being a registered member of the BACP and ACTO confirms my training, qualifications and adherence to their Ethical Frameworks. This along with being registered with the Information Commissioners Office, being DBS checked and holding the appropriate professional insurance means you can be confident that I am meeting professional and ethical standards at all times.

    Trauma Recovery

    Trauma can be a complex and frightening process to work through but you've come to the right place.

    Recovery from trauma can feel hopeless but it is entirely possible. Trauma comes in many guises; a single event or perhaps a continuing situation. Maybe you have been subjected to domestic abuse/violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, childhood neglect or an attack of some description. Perhaps you have experienced a sudden loss or been involved in an accident? Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? You may have been traumatised vicariously; by witnessing something distressing.

    Trauma often brings with it feelings such as shame, embarrassment, confusion and powerlessness. Flashbacks, nightmares and fragmented memory recall are commonplace as is anxiety, hyper vigilance (constantly looking over your shoulder) and panic attacks yet they can leave you feeling isolated, powerless and unable to cope with life – existing rather than living.

    I can demystify what is happening and teach you what happens to the brain when traumatised so that you can understand why you may be experiencing such symptoms. I can provide you with grounding techniques and strategies so that you can go about your day to day life free of panic.

    Aside from the physical impact, trauma can also evoke feelings like embarrassment, shame, confusion and feeling powerless, feelings that can be difficult to articulate let alone share with others but I can help you to process all of this in a safe environment working at a pace that is safe for you. I can help you to know that whatever it is you are experiencing is normal and that your brain/body is doing everything it is designed to do but but due to the trauma, it is happens when not required.

    By working together rather than living stuck at the time of the trauma/s, we can bring you into the present and look to a better future. Contact Clearview Counselling in Gravesend today on 07952 985056 to discuss further how I can help you with your recovery and arrange an initial consultation.

    What Previous Clients are Saying

    "When I sought help from Carrie at Clearview I had concerns about anxiety/confidence but I decided to work with Carrie because she was friendly and caring and seemed a better fit than others I'd spoken to. I'm so pleased I did because now I feel better about myself and can start my life. My life is now back on track and are manageable when I break things down." - Jan 2020

    "Carrie really helped me work through an extremely difficult period in my life through understanding my problems and also finding the root of the problems. The tools and exercises she gave me have been so helpful and I will use them for the rest of my life. She is so caring and a great listener and has completely changed my mindset to a positive one. I am so thankful and would recommend anyone to seek help through Carrie." - Dec 2019

    "Carrie made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I was able to openly share my thoughts and feelings without judgement." - Aug 2019

    "I am grateful for having such a service by my counsellor, I feel like I have a clearer perspective of life. She has allowed me to understand myself and encouraged me to be the best I can be. Thank you so much!" - May 2019

    "Carrie has been very helpful in listening to my concerns and encouraging me to seek little ways to improve the balance of my life, which has had a very positive effect on my overall well being" - May 2019

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