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Trauma Recovery

Trauma is a complex process to work through. Do you ever find you are unable to remember details regard the trauma/s? Often clients who have suffered a trauma/s are unable to articulate their thoughts and/or feelings or indeed cannot remember some or all of what happened. This can lead to feelings such as embarrassment, shame, confusion. If this sounds familiar, I can help you not just by working with language but also but helping you to express what might be going on for you using more creative methods. I can also help you to manage trauma symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks and hyper vigilance. Contact Clearview Counselling in Gravesend today on 07952 985056 to discuss how I can help you with your recovery.

Overcoming Anxiety and Panic

Because anxiety is a normal human experience, it's sometimes difficult to know when it's becoming a problem; but if your feelings of anxiety are very strong, or last for a long time, it can become overwhelming. I can help you to understand your triggers; to understand the physical manifestation of anxiety; to learn about how you may be perpetuating your anxiety and how to challenge this. I can also provide effective practical coping techniques - it is easier to learn the techniques with the support of a skilled helper. Why not speak to me to find out how I can help you explore the causes of your anxiety and help you acquire the skills to tackle it? Simply call 07952 985056 or contact me via the Contact Form.

Fighting Depression

Depression can often be sparked by a major life change such as separation, bereavement, retirement, illness or trauma or creep up on us for no apparent reason. There are no instant solutions but the good news is that depression can pass and is rarely a permanent state. I can help you to cope with your depression by providing a safe place for you in which to acknowledge your feelings rather than denying and burying them. I can help you to put into place practical strategies for coping as well as helping you to be able to challenge your negative thought styles. Why not book a free consultation today to find out more about how one-to-one counselling with Clearview can help you? Simply call 07952 985056 or contact me via the Contact Form.

Stress Management

Some stress is normal. Stress can be a useful drive that helps us take action, feel more energised and get results. If however you are overly stressed then call me today. I can help you to better manage your time to create a better balance in all areas of your life. I can help you with examining the stressors - separating the genuine from the ‘band-wagon’ jumpers. I can also give you techniques for helping you to relax and unwind; there are numerous techniques and skills which can make a difference. Why not call today to find out how I could help you explore the causes of your stress and help you acquire the skills to tackle it? Simply call 07952 985056 or contact me via the Contact Form.

Coping with Grief, Loss and Bereavement

When we think of loss we tend to think of it as being the loss of a loved one but loss can impact us in many ways including things such as redundancy, divorce, children leaving home and illness. I believe that each individual manages the impact of bereavement differently; there is no such thing as ‘normal’ and no ‘right’ way to grieve. With my support I can help you to make sense of your experience which will be unique to you. One-to-one counselling for bereavement and loss can support you through difficult times and beyond so why not me call now for support to help you through this difficult time.

Self Esteem and Confidence Building

Are you wondering ‘How do I get to become confident like everyone else? How do overcome my low self-esteem and negative feelings I have about myself?’ Your low self-esteem and lack of confidence is a belief and not a fact. I can help you to build your self esteem by working to understand the origin of these feelings and then helping you to challenge them. Why not call 07952 985056 to make the first step in improving your situation.

Anger Management

Feeling angry is part of being human. We all feel angry at times. It can be an uncomfortable emotion with associated feelings of guilt. It is a natural response to feeling attacked, insulted, deceived, and betrayed or let down. Anger can be useful, but it can also be frightening and destructive for all concerned if not expressed appropriately. Anger often has its route causes elsewhere from the immediate situation and the anger is just a symptom of what is going on in life or in a relationship with another person at home or work or as result of past experiences. Contact me now to find out how I can help you identify the root cause of your anger. I can help you to learn about your body’s reaction when you’re feeling angry and how anger might manifest in you. I can also help you to identify your own personal warning signs and develop a safe way for you to be able to manage your anger thereby allowing you to communicate more appropriately with others.

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