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Trauma Recovery

Trauma can be a complex and frightening process to work through but you've come to the right place.

Recovery from trauma can feel hopeless but it is entirely possible. Trauma comes in many guises; a single event or perhaps a continuing situation. Maybe you have been subjected to domestic abuse/violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, childhood neglect or an attack of some description. Perhaps you have experienced a sudden loss or been involved in an accident? Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? You may have been traumatised vicariously; by witnessing something distressing.

Trauma often brings with it feelings such as shame, embarrassment, confusion and powerlessness. Flashbacks, nightmares and fragmented memory recall are commonplace as is anxiety, hyper vigilance (constantly looking over your shoulder) and panic attacks yet they can leave you feeling isolated, powerless and unable to cope with life – existing rather than living.

I can demystify what is happening and teach you what happens to the brain when traumatised so that you can understand why you may be experiencing such symptoms. I can provide you with grounding techniques and strategies so that you can go about your day to day life free of panic.

Aside from the physical impact, trauma can also evoke feelings like embarrassment, shame, confusion and feeling powerless, feelings that can be difficult to articulate let alone share with others but I can help you to process all of this in a safe environment working at a pace that is safe for you. I can help you to know that whatever it is you are experiencing is normal and that your brain/body is doing everything it is designed to do but but due to the trauma, it is happens when not required.

By working together rather than living stuck at the time of the trauma/s, we can bring you into the present and look to a better future. Contact Clearview Counselling today on 07952 985056 to discuss further how I can help you with your recovery and arrange an initial consultation.

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