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Trauma Recovery

Trauma can be a complex and frightening process to work through but I am here to help you. I can demystify what is happening and teach you what happens to the brain when traumatised so that you can understand why you may be experiencing symptoms such as fragmented memory, flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, constantly looking over your shoulder or sitting with your back to the wall. I can provide you with grounding techniques and strategies to improve your everyday life so that you can live rather than exist. Aside from the physical impact, trauma can also evoke feelings like embarrassment, shame, confusion and feeling powerless, feelings that can be difficult to articulate let alone share with others but I can help you to process all of this in a safe environment working at a pace that is safe for you. I can help you to know that whatever it is you are experiencing is normal and that your brain/body is doing everything it should do but but due to the trauma, it is now happening when not required. By working together rather than living stuck at the time of the trauma/s, we can bring you into the present and look to a better future. Contact Clearview Counselling in Gravesend today on 07952 985056 to discuss further how I can help you with your recovery and arrange an initial consultation.

Stress, Anxiety and Panic

Stress can be a pre cursor to anxiety when the stressors we are dealing with become too much to handle at once but don't worry, I can help you to create a better balance in all areas of your life. I can help you with examining the stressors - separating the genuine from the ‘band-wagon’ jumpers. I can also give you techniques for helping you to relax and unwind; there are numerous techniques and skills which can make a difference. Anxiety can be debilitating, seriously impacting on our everyday lives and leading to physical symptoms which can be very frightening. I can help you to identify your triggers; to understand why and how anxiety can manifest itself physically; to learn about how you may be perpetuating your anxiety with your current coping strategies and help you to change them. Together we can work on effective practical coping techniques for when anxiety is at it's peak but also good general routines to better manage it on a continual basis. Why not speak to me to find out how I can help you explore the causes of your anxiety and help you acquire the skills to tackle it effectively rather than try to avoid it and inadvertently feed it? Simply call 07952 985056 or contact me via the Contact Form.


There are no instant solutions with depression but the good news is that it can pass and is rarely a permanent state. I can help you to cope with your depression by providing a safe place for you in which to acknowledge and share your feelings thereby leaving you feeling supported, less isolated, heard and validated. I can help you to identify and put into place practical strategies for coping as well as helping you to be able to challenge your negative thought styles. Why not book a free consultation today to find out more about how one-to-one counselling with Clearview can help you? Simply call 07952 985056 or contact me via the Contact Form.

Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Grief is often an incredibly lonely place and unique to each of us but it does bring with it commonalities. I can inform you of the commonly recognised stages of grief and tell you that they do not necessarily progress in an orderly sequence. I am often asked 'how can I speed up the process?' to which the answer is we can't, it will happen in it's own good time but I do believe that if we fully engage with our emotions, we can help the process along. With my support I can help you to make sense of your experience which will be unique to you. One-to-one counselling for bereavement and loss can support you through difficult times and beyond so why not me call now for support to help you through this difficult time.

Self Esteem

When suffering with low self esteem, it can affect so many areas of life - confidence, relationships, self care, careers, procrastination etc but by working with me it needn't be that way any longer. Perhaps you are constantly looking to others for positive regard, working hard to please everyone else whilst not caring for yourself or maybe you struggle to maintain relationships, get overlooked at work or have no social life. Whatever your experience, your low self esteem and negative feelings about yourself are just that, feelings not fact although I appreciate they can feel very real. I can help you to change how you regard yourself so that you recognise and celebrate your value just for being who you are. I can help you to understand the origins of your lack of esteem and challenge the beliefs that are inaccurate and holding you back. Why not call 07952 985056 to make the first step in improving your situation.

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